Xact Healthcare Solutions, Inc

Welcome to Xact Healthcare Solutions. We have been providing revenue cycle and management consulting services and training to large hospital systems, physician practices and the Veterans Medical Centers throughout the United States for over 15 years.

Founded in 1996, Xact was a leader in providing medical coding and billing training in preparing students for National certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders. More than 600 students in the state of Florida were trained and Xact boasted a 95% passing ratio of students taking the exam after completing our training.

In 2005, Xact's focus changed. Realizing that successful revenue collections include a variety of different service areas requiring standard process flows, Xact began focusing on business restructuring and revenue cycle reviews including detailed analysis of patient registration, insurance verification, check-in and checkout, coding, billing and accounts receivable processes. Each area of the revenue cycle is dependant on the successful validation of data from one service area to the next through to the submission of the claim and payment for services rendered.

Xact has worked with the large health care systems, including the Veterans Administration Medical Centers, performing clinical package reviews, workload capture reviews in clinical service areas, coding and billing reviews and revenue recovery and analysis of the revenue cycle for inpatient and outpatient services resulting in millions of dollars in increased revenue to our clients.

At Xact we provide consulting services to include in-depth examination of business processes, data integrity, patient intake and disposition and processing affecting the overall revenue cycle.

The purpose of all Xact reviews is to identify areas where accuracy and efficiency can be improved, where process protocols can be standardized and ultimately where first and third-party revenue can be recovered.

Development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures, report auditing and monitoring standardization, management and staff training and development of structured committees ensure sustained client success well after the engagement is completed.

Xact recognizes that our success is based on the continuing success of the clients we serve!

Proven techniques, proven results, proven Xact!

  • To assist healthcare organizations in optimizing revenues by providing the necessary process improvement , data management and revenue recovery tools to allow our clients to maintain an effective, efficient and compliant revenue stream. Xact provides knowledge transfer to clinical, management and business office teams to enhance business operations and ensure financial viability well after completion of the engagement.

  • To be the most effective revenue cycle and business development partners available to healthcare providers and facilities throughout the US and Puerto Rico.

    To assist healthcare providers and hospital systems to increase revenues and effectively manage their data capture processes from patient registration through the claims submission and revenue collections process.

    To enable healthcare providers, executive management and business office staff to effectively manage their own business office and revenue cycle processes regardless of what clinical, EMR or business office system being utilized.

  • We commit to developing a true partnership with our clients from the top down. We provide a “big picture” approach by bringing the decision makers and doer’s of the organization together to enhance provider workload capture, improve data analysis and benchmarking techniques and increase revenue collections through development of standard workflow processes throughout the health system.

    Xact works with management and staff to enhance their understanding of their business processes ensuring that success is not a one time achievement, but a sustainable effort maintained by input from every team member.

    Xact consultants bring hands-on experience to the table and partner with the people who know your business best, your own internal staff, to create best practices that are customized to each client we serve!