IT System Knowledge

Xact Clinical & Financial System’s Expertise

Technological advances in healthcare have progressed exponentially in the past 10 years. Implementation of EMR’s (electronic medical records), medical imaging upgrades, web-based services and other electronic initiatives have changed the face of healthcare and provided more cost effective and efficient means to do business in the healthcare arena. These are positive changes that benefit healthcare delivery for providers while enhancing the patient experience when seeking healthcare services regardless of the site of service. The positive impact of these technological advances cannot be overstated.

While these advancements have changed the way healthcare is delivered, the business side of healthcare continues to struggle with the issues that encompass the revenue cycle and data validation pieces of the healthcare puzzle. The creation of enhanced technologies to provide a means of capturing the correct clinical text data of services performed by providers and translating this data into meaningful language on the business side of medicine (numeric equivalent) continues to be a difficult task despite the technological advances in electronic and automated systems.

Xact focuses its efforts on the missed charges that stem from the lack of communication between disparate clinical systems and business office systems as it relates to the text to numeric requirements for accurate claims submission through business office systems that report these services to payers. Healthcare providers cannot generate revenue or submit claims for services rendered that never cross from a clinical system to the business system into the language required for claims submission. Clinical systems were never designed to produce financial data and business systems were never designed to produce clinical data. An understanding of both the clinical and the business office systems at a detailed level is required to ensure appropriate workload is captured for providers and revenue is generated for services that are provided.

Xact understands the clinical and business side of medicine and can ensure that services rendered are captured in the clinical package and cross to the business office systems and into the revenue cycle regardless of the clinical or business office systems used by the client.

Xact reviews have generated more than 1.5 billion dollars in unseen revenue for inpatient and outpatient professional and hospital services in a variety of specialty areas. Xact not only discovers revenue not previously visible in the revenue stream, we provide a means to ensure clients are able to recoup the discovered revenue ongoing well after an engagement is completed by enabling the client to implement the same processes that Xact utilizes to discover and recover revenue.

Xact experts work with a variety of clinical, registration and revenue packages to ensure that data is validated right the from the beginning of the revenue cycle because we know that the revenue cycle process is only as good as the system data that feeds it. The list below shows just some of the systems we have worked with during past engagements.

We also have staff well versed with Microsoft Access Database and Monarch Systems.